Custom made solutions

Our workshop and production facilities allow us to engineer, produce and assemble solutions to client’s specifications.

  • Hydraulic Systems / Panels: Termination & Logging panels (TUT, TUTU, TUTA etc.), Distribution systems, Inspection / control systems, HPU`s, Pressure test units, flushing units and air driven pumps.
  • Injection Systems: Distribution Panel, Air & electrically driven injection systems and pumping systems.
  • Pneumatic Systems / Panels: Inspection / control systems, Distribution systems, Regulating panels and Valve Control / ESD systems.
  • Gas Systems / Panels: Inspection / control systems, Distribution systems, Regulating panels, Air powered Gasbooster, Pressure testing units, Accumulator filling units.

2015 – Production of test manifolds 10000psi

2015 – Production of Two Test packages 15K System

2015 – Production of two Twin Chemical Injection Units.

2015 – Production of Test package 15K System

2016 – Production of WellSafe HPU w/Monitoring System and Smart Display.

2016 – Production of 2 x Chemical Cleaning Skid Units & 2 x Hot oil flushing Units.


2016 – Production of Pressure Test Unit, High Flow Air Driven Pump.