PBQ Sanitary

Sanitary chemical seals for the food- and dairy industry and for the pharmaceutical industry. Not only available with pressure gauges. They can also be delivered with built-on pressure transmitters or be connected with differential pressure gauges.

  • DIN
  • SMS
  • IDF


Homogenizer gauge designed to measure pressures in a vibrating and pulsating system. Not only for pressure gauges but also available with heavy duty transmitters with 4-20 mA.

  • For flowing heterogenous media
    Suitable for high pressures up to 1600 bar

Diaphragm seal / Chemical seal for pressure gauges, transmitters and differential pressure instruments.

The PBS maintains its outstanding performance under the most extreme conditions. The separation from the process fluid is obtained from an elastic diaphragm sealed to the diaphragm seal body. The inner chamber between the diaphragm and the bourdon tube is filled with a suitable liquid.
Diaphragm seals are available in a great number of different designs.