Gas Detector GMI Oxygas 500

The instrument for measuring flammable gases in air and in inert atmosphere. Switches automatically from the LEL to%VOL during the measurement.

Hygrometer, Hand-Held

Vaisala DM70
Range: 0…..100 %RH / -60 to+60°C Td max. WP. 20 bar.

Flowmeter Ultrasonic

The new FLUXUS F608 portable flow meter is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile F601, but has been specifically engineered for its use within hazardous areas and is covered by an ATEX certification.

Thus, users are not anymore obliged to obtain a Hot Work Permit, making the access to ATEX Zones much easier and less time consuming.

Flowmeter 2″ Turbine with MCII

Turbine flowmeters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. As liquid flows through the meter and over the rotor, the rotor turns at a speed that is directly proportional to the flow rate. A magnetic pickup senses the rotor blades as they pass and generates an electrical (sine wave) signal. These electrical pulses are then transmitted to the flow measurement readout equipment.

Drip Tray

Moulded from medium density polyethylene this low-level two drum spill floor is just 150mm in height. It can be used on its own or combined with others using plastic connectors to provide a larger area.

The injection moulded mesh floor has a 1000 kilo static weight load.

  • External size – L1260mm x W860mm x H150mm

  • Number of containers – Two 205 litre drums

  • Sump capacity – 150Ltrs

  • Colours – Blue or Yellow

  • Tare weight – 20kg

Dispensing trolley

This mobile dispensing trolley has a full size spill containment sump made from medium density polyethylene, this ensures a lightweight operation with the added benefit of excellent chemical resistance. This unique design means it can be operated by one person even when it has a full 205 litre drum on board.

Once loaded the trolley can be pushed from the back to reduce the risk of operator strain.

  • External size L1600mm x W740mm x H640mm

  • Number of containers – 1 x 205Litre Drum

  • Sump capacity – 230 Litres

  • Colour Blue or yellow

  • Tare weight – 44kg

Spill Pallet

A large capacity spill pallet, which complies with the 110% bund regulations designed for use with most common footprints of 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers(IBCs). The IBC sits directly onto the integral support columns positioned above the sump which has broad range chemical compatibility.

  • External size L1590mm x W1455mm x H715mm

  • Number of containers  – 1 x IBC

  • Sump capacity – 1125 Litres

  • Pallet colour –  Yellow or Blue

  • Tare weight – 80kg


25 litre Reservoar with 1″ Ball Valve and 1″ Camlock Outlet connection.


50 litre Reservoar with 1″ Ball Valve and 1″ Camlock Outlet connection.


100 litre Reservoar with 1″ Ball Valve and 1″ Camlock Outlet connection.

UPS-III Intrinsically Safe Loop Calibrator

ATEX/IEC intrinsically safe

Measure or source 0 to 24 mA
Accuracy 0.015% of reading
Dual mA and % readout, linear or flow
Step, span check, valve check, ramp
50 VDC measurement and continuity
Hart® compatible

Relief Valves

1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Stainless Steel Relief Valves for pressures up to 6,000PSI.

1″ Stainless Steel Relief Valves for pressures up to 4000PSI